Things to Do in Kaikoura and South Bay

  • St.Paul's track
    This track starts behind the race course in South Bay and runs into Tom's track, which gets you into town. Walking time 45 mins.
  • Whale watch Kaikoura
    A must for anyone visiting Kaikoura. The thrill of getting so close to one of our resident sperm whales.
    To book or check availability, click the link below.
  • Meet the locals
    Be it swimming with the seals or kayaking with the seals, there are many opportunities to mix with the locals.
  • Just relaxing
    When going on the Peninsula walk, you'll be greeted by these beautiful creatures at the start of the walk. Make sure you give them space.
  • Swim with the dolphins
    or just watch them from the boat. A truly amazing experience.
    To book or check availability for a dolphin tour, click on the link below
  • Cycle track
    Kaikoura has about 50kms of cycle tracks around the town. Bicycles can be rented from Coastal Sports (our local sport shop).
  • Fishing tours
    There are many operators who will take you fishing on their boats for 1, 2 or 3 hours. Most tours leave from South Bay, a few hundred meters from the motel.
  • Swim with the seals
    Go swimming or snorkeling with the seals. A must do activity.
    To check availability or book, click on the link below.
  • Kaikoura Kayaks
    Great family experience to be out on the water among the seals. Breathtaking scenery.
    To book, click on the link below.
  • Peninsula Walkway
    A stunning walk around Kaikoura's peninsula. The walk takes about 3 hours to complete. See lots of seals and other wildlife.